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Experienced software developers and systems engineers from G&R are now available for contract work on your projects. The projects may be of short or long duration, part-time or full-time, either fixed-price or based on time spent. We can take full responsibility for design, implementation and test of the solution and run the project in-house, or our software developers can be valuable resources in bigger projects managed by others. Do you need help to develop a mobile app, a web-solution for smartphones and/or PCs, a Windows application or a server application in Java or .Net or maybe you need some help managing or upgrading your infrastructure? 


In this release we have added support for the Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro and Infinea Tab barcode scanners and magnetic card readers. We also allow you to enable auto-connect at start-up and to protect access to your configurations with a password. Double-tap can be configured to mean Enter/Transmit.


This release is compiled for iOS 8, giving iOS 8 users full benefit of the new Operating System. It is customized for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models and takes full advantage of the larger displays. The support for external Bluetooth keyboards has been improved to include more keys and key combinations.

We have now added support for SSH both to the IOS and Android version of Glink and Glink VT. The VT emulation supports SSH encrypted communication for direct connections to the SSH Daemon and for tunnelling of the Telnet protocol. Username/password or private keys can be used for authentication.

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