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For the IBM 5250 legacy application environment Glink emulates:
3179-2, 3180-2, 3196-A1, 3477-FC, 3477-FG, 3477-FC, 3477-FG,
5251-11, 5291-1, 5292-2, 5555-B01, 5555-C01,
3812-1 (printer), 5553-B01 (printer)

Look and feel

The Glink Professional IBM 5250 emulation can also be enhanced using the Glink ‘Look and Feel’. Here the traditional IBM legacy application ‘black screen’ has been enhanced using the Glink 3D effect for variable fields. An emulation keyboard toolbar has been added at the bottom of the screen. Glink can be used to run all normal ‘data processing’ style legacy applications on an AS400 system.

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