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Look and feel

The look and feel of Glink Professional Edition is completely configurable, by the administrator or by the end user (unless locked by the administrator). You can customize the look and feel of Glink to emphasize your company profile, or to increase the efficiency of the user interface to the legacy applications on your mainframe.

Here you see an IBM 3270 emulation screen configured with wallpaper. You can vary wallpaper to emphasize the difference between your legacy applications, or use the same wallpaper for all applications to reinforce the cohesion of your legacy applications. The screen has been configured to use 3-dimensional display for the variable fields, avoiding the flat 'green screen' effect associated with legacy applications. It has been configured with a frame with its own wallpaper as background at the left and top margin of the emulation screen. The frame has been used to display a company logo in order to emphasize the company profile for the application users. It could be used to tie the presentation of the legacy applications more closely to the company web pages by adding images or graphics.

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