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Open systems emulations

Glink is widely used outside of the traditional legacy application environment.


Glink includes an updated Minitel emulation that gives access to hundreds of services available to Minitel terminal users in the French market, making all of them available from your Windows PC.

ANSI 3.64

For the UNIX/Linux environment Glink provides a choice of ANSI 3.64 or VTnnn emulation. Glink is chosen wherever the users need more than just emulation. Telecommunications companies are discovering that Glink is the ideal tool for remote control of equipment across TCP/IP networks, because Glink's powerful script language enables them to automate many routine tasks.


The VTnnn emulation supports VT52, VT102, VT220, VT340 and VT420, including Regis graphics commands. It can be used with most industry standard mainframes as well as with DEC mainframes.

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