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Microsoft releases new versions of Windows regularly. New versions of Windows can, and have, caused legitimate Windows programs, used in production environments, to fail. These programs must be updated in order to overcome whatever incompatibility Microsoft has introduced before they will work with the new release. This applies to Microsoft's own programs as well as to those from other suppliers.

Gallagher & Robertson policy

G&R policy is that we will qualify our products on the Windows versions that are supported by Microsoft at the time of release of our product. Thereafter for each new version of Windows released by Microsoft, we will qualify those of our products that are still being supported by us, and issue an update or new release that is qualified for the new Windows version. Updates and new releases are delivered free of charge to those of our customers who have a support agreement. Customers with no support agreement, and who wish to move to an update or release that is qualified for a new version of Windows must purchase the release or update they need.

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