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Get the latest pro­duct bro­chures for Glink for iPad, Glink for Windows, Glink for Java, GlinkWeb, Gweb and Host Links!

All files are in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format, if you don't have the Adobe Reader® you can download it.

Glink for iPad™

  • Terminal Emulation for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch ( English)

Glink for Android™

  • Terminal Emulation for Android Tablets and Smartphones ( English)

Glink for Windows™

Glink for Java™



  • Web-enable your legacy applications today. Add a Web dimension to your legacy systems! ( English, French, Norwegian)

Host Links™

  • Ggate, the most efficient and scalable gateway to Bull systems. Available for Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris and more ( English, French)
  • Gproxy, for high performance, high availability access to your mainframe systems ( English, French)
  • Gspool, for high performance, high availability print spooling from your mainframe systems ( English)
  • GUFT, high-speed file transfer between your Bull mainframe and your Open Systems ( English, French)
  • GUFT in more detail ( English)
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