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For object oriented developers working on Java platforms in an Integrated Development Environment Glink for Java™ offers an OHIO (Open Host Integration Objects) based Application Programming Interface that meets today's requirements.

The Glink for Java™ API

Glink API is a Java class that provides an API identical to the Glink for Windows implementation. The API can be used by developers building workstation applications, Web Start applications, applets or servlets. As with the Glink for Windows implementation there are two versions, one intended for workstation development, and an optimized version intended for server development. Because of its reduced footprint it is ideal for high volume server side applications that do their own presentation to the client. Note that an application can be developed on a workstation and then deployed on a server.

Gargen, the component generator

Gargen is a tool that allows you to step through a screen driven function of a legacy application and then generate a component that replicates that function whenever called. The function can consist of one or many interactions with the legacy system. The component can have one or many input parameters for screen input fields, and can collect output from one or more areas in one or more output screens.

The components can sometimes be used as is, and sometimes will need additional tailoring, but Gargen will always save you significant development time, and study of the generated component source code is a highly efficient tutorial in the use of Glink API.

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