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Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in accessing Bull hosts G&R can offer a proven, robust gateway with unbeatable performance and scalability that runs on your choice of Open Systems platform:
Windows, UNIX or Linux.

Ggate replaces proprietary gateways based on specialized hardware. It can completely replace a Bull front-end, and many customers have already cut their cost of operation and increased their performance by doing so. Ggate is qualified for all Bull systems, including the new Intel-based GCOS7 (Diane) and GCOS8 (NovaScale) systems. Third party clients, both terminal emulators and applications, connecting by Internet terminal handling protocols (Telnet, TNVIP) continue to function as before, except that they benefit from the greater throughput and shorter response times offered by Ggate. Ggate supports both client and host initiated connections, so it can accept host print or file transfer connections initiated from the Bull host.

G&R clients all take advantage of the higher throughput in Ggate:

  • Terminal emulators such as Glink for Windows or Glink for Java™
  • Applications using Glink API
  • Web-to-host solutions such as GlinkWeb or Gweb
  • Associated print sessions for all the above
  • Host Links products such as:
    • GUFT for native Bull high-speed file transfer initiated by client or by the Bull host
    • Gspool for accepting large volumes of host print efficiently and reliably

Connections from G&R clients can be made fail-safe by installing Ggate on multiple servers, and introducing Gproxy to provide load-balancing and license sharing. This ensures that all clients can connect, even when a Ggate system is down because of a failure or for maintenance. The connections can also be secured by SSL standard encryption protocol.

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