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Known Errors

These are the known errors in our products, logged as reported with versions and platforms affected as well as corrections and work-arounds.

This list is largely historical, since it records all problems that have been reported throughout G&R history. Only the most recently reported problems still exist, unless you are using a very old copy of the product, in which case you should update the product to the most recent version.

E0003: nl_diws/nl_dsa does not work at all on SCO Unix

Product: Host Links 4.0.0, Gline
Platform: SCO
Status: Closed, fixed in 4.0.1 and 4.1.0
Last updated: 1996-05-13 20:07:09

SCO Unix versions prior to OpenServer 5 don't support so called 'UNIX
domain sockets'.  As this is required by nl_diws/nl_dsa, OpenServer 5 is
the minimum SCO release needed to run these.  The error symptom when
running on older SCO releases is that after nl_diws or nl_dsa is started,
all attempts to run a line module fail with:
$$DIWS: Session error: dsanl error in socket: Protocol not supported
This will be stated clearly in the next documentation release.

The UNIX domain socket implementation in SCO OpenServer 5 also has errors
in it.  These have been reported to SCO and will be fixed in a future
release or maintenance supplement from them.  In the mean time we have
implemented a workaround.  The error symptom if you are bitten by this
problem is that when incoming DIWS/DSA sessions arrive they are not passed
on by the nl_diws/nl_dsa program.  Instead it logs in its _logfile.diw or
_logfile.dsa files:
$*$CN MAILBOX,NODE to mailbox MAILBOX refused: sendmsg failed: Bad file
And the Glink user or other Ggate client users see:
$$PIWS: TS error: t_sync failed: Illegal file descriptor
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