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Known Errors

These are the known errors in our products, logged as reported with versions and platforms affected as well as corrections and work-arounds.

This list is largely historical, since it records all problems that have been reported throughout G&R history. Only the most recently reported problems still exist, unless you are using a very old copy of the product, in which case you should update the product to the most recent version.

E0538: Glink, TCP unavailable after installing Frontpage98

Product: Glink 5.3 (possibly later versions, not tested)
Platform: Windows 98
Status: Problem in Frontpage 98
Last updated: 1999-06-30 07:20:33

Work-around: reinstall the Windows 98 winsock.dll

This known error is written FYI only. Users with the Frontpage98
software who install the Personal Web server that comes with it
may experience the problem.

The solution was discovered by a user who got the same problem
with LapLink. The solution solves the problem for Glink too. He

  Forum:    comp.sys.laptops
  Subject:  Re: LapLink Network (TCP/IP) Unavailable
  Date:     1999/03/14
  Author:   Bruce E. Caraway 

  I found a solution to my own problem thanks to the help at
  Traveling Software Tech Support.

  Apparently, the problem does lie with Frontpage 98.  More
  specifically, it can be traced to the fact that when one
  installs the Personal Web Server that comes with Frontpage 98,
  a different version of WINSOCK.DLL is installed.  This version
  of the DLL has a compatibility problem with Laplink and, thus,
  is the cause for the TCP/IP server not being available.

  The resolution to the problem is to restore the original DLL
  using the System File Checker (SFC) utility to extract and
  install that DLL from the Win98 CD.  The steps to do that are
  as follows:

       1)- Go to START
       2)- Go to RUN...
       3)- Type "SFC" then click OK
       4)- Select "Extract one file from installation Disk"
       5)- Type "WINSOCK.DLL" in the text box and click START
       6)- At "Restore from:' click browse button and browse
           to the Win 98 directory on the Win98 CD or the CAB
           Files directory on your hard drive, then click OK.

           Note: If prompted to back up existing file allow it
           to do so.

        Restart your computer when prompted.

        LapLink should work correctly and you will be able to
        use TCP/IP.

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