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Known Errors

These are the known errors in our products, logged as reported with versions and platforms affected as well as corrections and work-arounds.

This list is largely historical, since it records all problems that have been reported throughout G&R history. Only the most recently reported problems still exist, unless you are using a very old copy of the product, in which case you should update the product to the most recent version.

E0585: Server6/Ted Y2K bug in audit trail

Product: Ted
Platform: All DPS6/HVX
Status: Fix available to R8.0
Last updated: 2000-01-31 09:27:51

A Year 2000 (Y2K) bug slipped through the Server6 testing back
in 1996.

The editor, Ted, has an audit trail facility that, if used,
inserts an identifier into columns 73-80 of each line added or
changed in a file. The identifier can be a version number, but
the default is the date (YY/MM/DD), or user initials (2
characters) and the date (XXYYMMDD). A feature of the audit
trail is that a changed line is only given a new identifier if
the new identifier is 'larger' than the previous identifier.
This makes it possible to set a lower identifier, and modify
lines without changing the audit trail. This last feature
stopped all audit trail updates after Y2K for audit trails
containing the date, because the current year (00) was regarded
as being less than last year or earlier (99 or less). This is
now fixed using logic to determine that Y2k years are in fact
'larger' than Y1k years.
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