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Known Errors

These are the known errors in our products, logged as reported with versions and platforms affected as well as corrections and work-arounds.

This list is largely historical, since it records all problems that have been reported throughout G&R history. Only the most recently reported problems still exist, unless you are using a very old copy of the product, in which case you should update the product to the most recent version.

E0805: Ggate, the -UID parameter had no effect

Product: Ggate
Platform: All
Status: Fixed in 6.01 and 6.1.
Last updated: 2002-06-06 11:50:58

When Ggate receives a Glink connection, it needs to know the
identity of the actual user e.g. for the purpose of killing all
sessions belonging to one particular user (a 'kill all' request).
Ggate uses the 'GUID' field in the Glink logon packet to identify
the user. If, for some reason (e.g. very  old Glink versions),
the GUID field is not present in the  logon packet, it uses the
IP address.

The Ggate -UID [guid/ip/both/any] parameter was ment to overide
this identification rule. However -UID is also used internally by
Host Links start up routines, so the parameter had in fact no

It has been necessary to rename this parameter. The new parameter
syntax is

 -IDT identifyer-type. Possible identifyer types are (as before)

	UID  - use the GUID identifier
        IP   - use the address
        BOTH - use both the GUID and the address
        ANY  - use GUID if present, otherwise the address (default)

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