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Known Errors

These are the known errors in our products, logged as reported with versions and platforms affected as well as corrections and work-arounds.

This list is largely historical, since it records all problems that have been reported throughout G&R history. Only the most recently reported problems still exist, unless you are using a very old copy of the product, in which case you should update the product to the most recent version.

E0850: Gweb/DKU 'required field' detected on Xmit

Product: Gweb/DKU
Platform: All
Status: fix available for 6.0, fixed for 6.1
Last updated: 2002-12-12 11:55:24

The DKU has the peculiarity that a 'required' (must enter) field
in a form only becomes 'required' if the user actually enters
the field. If the user enters data only in fields prior to the
'required' field, then the form can be transmitted with an
'empty' required field.

Because there are no inherent data-entry input controls in HTML
forms, all entry-level input checking i Gweb is implemented by
Javascript (gweb.js). These routines previously did a final
check of all fields at HTML form submission time. This check
detected missing 'required' fields, which is correct in the case
of most emulations, but not for the DKU.

The correction implements field level checking of the 'required'
attribute, by intercepting all browser keys that move the cursor
out of a field (cursor up/down, Tab, Home, Bottom). Please note
that if you have modified the gweb.js scripts you will have to
merge these corrections into your own version. Also note that
the keyboard mapping table (gwebkbd.js) is updated in order
to intercept the standard tab/backtab. If you have modified the
keyboard mapping, you will ned to add the tab key mapping to
your own version.

The final check of all fields at submission time is retained for
the other emulations, but for the DKU the submission time check
is restricted to the current field.
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