About G&R

Gallagher & Robertson (G&R) (est. 1982) is a Norwegian software house specializing in mainframe access products and software development and system integration services. We develop terminal emulation and gateway software with programmatic interfaces that give Android and iOS devices, Web-browsers, Windows and Java workstations, Windows, Linux, UNIX and Java enabled server environments access to mission critical legacy applications on AIX, Linux, UNIX, IBM and Bull mainframes.

Our software developers and systems engineers from G&R are also available for contract work on customer projects. The projects may be of short or long duration, part-time or full-time, either fixed-price or based on time spent. We can take full responsibility for design, implementation and test of the solution and run the project in-house, or our software developers can be valuable resources in bigger projects managed by others.

G&R delivers software to be installed either on the desktop or on servers for browser access to legacy mainframe applications, but we also deliver software with APIs that allow customers and system integrators to develop new rich user interfaces or to integrate existing legacy applications into new middleware infrastructures based on Web-technology and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) without making any changes in the legacy systems.


We offer direct sales of our Glink software to end users, but in general we market our products through re-sellers and distributors in Europe, North and Latin America and in Australia. Our distributors can supply you with local information about product availability, functionality and pricing. They are provided with technical training to ensure excellent customer support locally and in native language, and are directly supported by us using state of the art electronic links to guarantee prompt responses to real customer problems. Customers and distributors world wide are willing to act as references for the quality of the software and support.

Microsoft Partnership

G&R is a Microsoft Certified Partner. This relationship ensures that our developers have ongoing direct access to the Microsoft development support team. When you use G&R products to maximize the value of your mainframe assets you can be sure that our products fully utilize the latest Microsoft technology to bring maximum benefit to your projects.

How to contact us

 Gallagher & Robertson A/S 
 Grini Næringspark 3
 N-1361 Østerås, Norway


 Tel: +47 2335 7800
 Email: gar@gar.no


Coming to visit us?

 Check the directions to our offices in Bærum, just outside Oslo in Norway.

The Gallagher & Robertson news pages are used to keep you updated on releases of G&R software products, and to inform you of significant new functionality or support for new hardware or software platforms.

This website offers standard evaluation packages, and the webshop offers on-line licensing for small volumes of some key products.

G&R partners offer evaluation copies of all products tailored to your evaluation requirements as regards number of copies, simultaneous sessions, platforms etc. They can discuss the products and answer queries in local language, and discuss local pricing. They can give quotes on any license volume of all products. They offer local first-line support for the G&R products you license from them.

Are you interested in distri­bu­ting, or using G&R software in your own products or services?

We are interested in forming business relationships with both Distributors, Resellers and Systems Integrators.

Here are some of our customers:

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