Web8... and now....TDS-Web

Gweb is not just for the old applications... it is a bridge to the future too.

Our dream all along has been that all mainframe customers should move to Web connectivity NOW!!

Simply by installing Gweb....
....the old screen-based application dialog becomes immediately available from a Web browser to anyone out there in the global village.
You don't believe? I kid you not.....
...we recently got a smack over the fingers, because by opening the Norwegian State Data Center's 'Information Market' (Infotorg) from our Gweb demo, we inadvertently put the whole of the Norwegian State's 'Central Person Register' on to the Internet.

So it is a done thing. We can put any traditional application on the web immediately with no programming, no extra hardware... nothing except Gweb on your Web server platform, or on its ownplatform.
However, we know that some of those mainframe applications are going to be reengineered, using new mainframe HTML development tools, and begin conversing with browsers in their own language.
We welcome it! We want to help open the way for it!
Gweb has for some time been able to understand the proprietary URLs used by Bull's Web8 product when it communicates with a browser.
The current preview of Host Links has a Gweb that acts as an inexpensive gateway for browsers connecting to GCOS8 Web8 applications. The applications that are not reengineered use the old screen dialog that Gweb maps to HTML for the browser. The reengineered applications that send HTML are routed direct to the browser.
One product!!!
It puts your mainframe applications on the Web immediately, today, no programming necessary.
It lets you revamp the presentation of those old applications.
If you are using the mainframe HTML development tools it acts as an inexpensive gateway for your browsers.
The GCOS8 customers looking for a Web presence have been delighted with this concept.
Now!!! at Last!!!!!
We have been down to Les Clayes, and we found that the proprietary URL format used by Web8 is (almost) exactly the same as that used by TDS-Web.
Gweb was able to act as a gateway for browsers connecting to TDS-Web applications on GCOS7.
We are ironing out a couple of wrinkles as you read this...
The production version of Gweb will also be a qualified gateway for TDS-Web.
Did someone sound a trumpet fanfare there?

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