Porting to Bull's Servers with Intel® Itanium™ processors

Reinforcing an 18 year long cooperation between Bull and Gallagher & Robertson, G&R announces today that we will port our Gweb™, Ggate™ and Host Links™ applications to Bull's future line of Itanium™-based servers, that run the newest AIX® 5L (former 'Monterey/64'), 64-bit Linux and 64-bit Windows 2000

Press release, Oslo Oct. 15th, 2000 -

"Our applications are designed to be portable and able to follow technical evolution. For us it is important to be on track with Bull who have positioned themselves as a market leader in the Intel® Itanium™ architecture arena", said Jim Gallagher, General Manager of Gallagher & Robertson. "We specialize in products that allow workstations, browsers, Open System clients and e-Business applications to connect to mainframe applications on Bull GCOS, IBM OS/390® and UNIX systems. We offer our product range on anything from Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers, up through most commercial UNIX platforms, including Linux as well as AIX™ on Bull's Escala systems. The Intel® Itanium™ architecture will significantly extend the power available to the customers running our solutions."

"We are excited about Gallagher & Robertson's involvement, in bringing their applications to the new Intel® Itanium™ architecture in cooperation with Bull" said Henri Pfahl, Vice President of Bull GCOS Systems Business Unit. "We believe that this will contribute to provide our customers with G&R and Bull solutions that run on Itanium™-based servers, bringing increased flexibility, scalability and state of the art solutions to meet their e-Business requirements".

The agreement to port to Itanium™-based servers covers Gweb™ - the G&R Browser/Web gateway to Bull and IBM mainframe systems, Ggate™ - the G&R workstation gateway to Bull GCOS systems, and Host Links™ - a set of G&R products that provides file transfer, programmatic interfaces and terminal/printer emulation.

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