Glink Professional Edition 7.0 is available

The first release of Glink Professional Edition, version 7.0 (in relation to the Standard Edition numbering, which is currently at 6.2.3) is now available as a production release.

Your local distributor can download it for installation at production sites. This new Glink Professional product is Windows 32-bit only and is not part of the Glink for Windows Standard Edition maintenance upgrade procedure (see another announcement for an update to the Standard Edition). Users moving to the Professional Edition must contact their distributor for a license upgrade.

Full list of new features

New GlinkApi COM+ component

A completely new GlinkApi COM+ component has been added to this release. The Glink for Windows API can be used from all COM aware visual development tools in the normal way. A complete on-line Help is supplied in the GLINKAPI.CHM file (HTML Help format) and an Icon to reach it will created in the Glink icon folder.

The API is visible externally as an out-of-process server and can be used from Active Server Pages (ASP) within Microsoft's IIS. ASP support gives access to the GlinkAPI object via the standard SESSION and APPLICATION objects available in Active Server Pages.

The Enterprise edition of Glink (to be announced later) will have exactly the same API, and execute within the MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) architecture as an in-process server, making Glink the perfect host access component for your e-business applications on the Microsoft platform.

NB!! This GlinkApi is 100% compatible with the API supplied with the Professional and Enterprise editions of Glink for Java. E- business application developers who want a cross-platform application can easily migrate between the Glink for Java and Glink for Windows versions of the GlinkApi.

GlinkApi COM+ source samples

Samples in Borland Delphi and Microsoft VisualBasic are supplied. They are installed as 'read-only' files under the Glink directory in:


These examples illustrate the basic use of the GlinkApi COM+ component. To execute these examples, you need the corresponding development tool. They connect to live sites via the Internet, using the G&R DSA Gateway interface and connecting to our G&R Ggate server (G&R Host Links product) at "".

Automation object enhancement

The Glink Automation object has been extended with many new methods and interfaces for handling fields, screen data, general Glink information and COM events. This is an out-of-process server that you can start up and use from your own applications. Any COM aware visual development tool (Visual Basic, C++ and J++) will recognize the Glink Automation object.

The Glink Automation object can also be used within VBScript or JScript files. You can write scripts in these standard script languages, that open and control copies of Glink. You can launch these scripts from the desktop and from all standard Windows applications, and integrate host access with any Office application that can start a script.


VBscript and Jscript files can be executed from the Glink 'Run script procedure' dialog box. The scripts are executed directly from Glink in the same way as running a Glink script. The script that you launch will automatically inherit as an object the Glink that you launched it from, so that the script can take control over the Glink that started it. Think about it.........

(see 'Script enhancement' below)

Security enhancements

More possibilities of inhibiting certain features of Glink have been added:

Inhibit changes to any of the security options
Inhibit saving of DSA login user ID and password lists
Inhibit changes to configuration options by script

Emulation enhancements

Support for 3270 Graphics has been added and can be configured in the IBM 3270 emulation options.

Script enhancements

The limitation of 64Kb for script file size has been removed, and you may now run scripts of any size. The limitation of 32Kb for compiled size has been increased to 64Kb.

The script command, SET RESOURCE, has been improved to allow you to override one or more of the DSA/DIWS host parameters.

You can detect receiving the 'turn' from the host by using the new ON TURN script command.

If the Microsoft Script Control is installed on your PC then Glink automatically runs VBScript or JScript files if the file name is of the form *.VBS* or *.JS*. The Glink.GlinkApi and Glink.Auto objects of the current session are passed on to the script and are available under the "GlinkApi" and "Auto" names. If you don't have the Microsoft Script Control installed, you can download it from:

Other enhancements

The Help/About GLINK/Update License dialog box has been improved to allow you to update the support and phone information displayed in the About GLINK dialog box. If you are updating the license information also, then the netsetup.ini file will also be updated if required.

New host and local printing options have been added to allow GlinkApi programs to intercept all print via the PRINT_DATA event.

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