Glink available for free download and trial

In response to what has become common practice for software products we have decided to make it easier for users to try Glink for Windows. 

Glink for Windows must be installed on the user workstation for trial, and so our Web site has been updated to allow download of a trial version of the latest production release. The Glink you download includes a program group with preconfigured shortcuts that access live demonstration hosts.

The Professional Edition includes the new GlinkAPI COM+ component that makes Glink for Windows visible to your COM aware visual programming tools. Note that the professional edition is intended to support applications on workstations, but can be used to test server applications using a limited number of sessions.

Before you can download we require some information from you, and a valid e-mail address, because we need to e-mail a trial key to you that will enable the downloaded Glink for a month. The information entered will not be used for any other purpose than to inform our distributor in your country of your interest in the product, and give the distributor the chance to contact you and to hear from you how the trial version performs in your environment.

Users who already have a previous version of Glink are welcome to try the new version, but they *MUST* install the trial version in a separate directory.

The first time you run Glink it will ask for a key, and will work for a day using the one day key you will receive immediately in response to your download request. By then you will have received a one month trial key. That key is needed the first time you run Glink after the first day.

The first time you run Glink a configuration script will create a program group with shortcuts for live Glink demonstrations. These connect to real host applications for your initial evaluation. The script will also create a shortcut for an unconfigured Glink in the Glink group, and optionally on your desktop. Configure this yourself to create your own Glink shortcut to reach your own host system.

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