The Bull eBoost program: A success story

In July 2000 Bull initiated a program in North America to introduce their customers to web-enablement of GCOS applications. The e-Business team chose G&R/Gweb Professional Edition, because it let them web-enable a typical application within days, with no changes in the GCOS application, and no programming effort anywhere.

The eBoost program was featured in a panel discussion at Summit 2000 and woke real interest. More customers have since contracted with Bull for Gweb installations and e-Business services, some for IBM applications. Four of the Gweb customers have been kind enough to tell us their stories.

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Public Schools wanted to bring their Human Resources system to the web. The Bull e-Business team used Gweb Professional to simplify the user's view of the system, eliminating confusing and bothersome navigation through menus, as well as automatically performing repetetive log-in commands and bypassing irrelevant screens. Jefferson had previously evaluated other products, but Gweb gave them 'mainframe' performance and response times. Any employee with a browser can now access the system from Jefferson's intranet web.

City of Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh wanted to web-enable their real estate tax application, which is a key legacy application, critical to the City's revenues. The Bull e-Business team used Gweb Professional to update the logon view, and show the available functions in a contemporary menu. This mission critical application is now available from the web, with no interruption of City operations.

County of Genesee

The County Board of Commissioners wanted to web-enable its District Court application to make 'public information' available for internal and external access, in order to cut down on the number of citizen inquiries by telephone for Court information and the number of internal telephone inquiries resulting from them. The Bull e-Business team used Gweb Professional to generate Docket inquiry and Docket balance presentations that are easy to read and visually appealing. All without changes to the GCOS application.

City of Erie School District

The School District wanted to web-enable their Student Scheduling application. Working with Bull's e-Business team they used Gweb Professional to face-lift the menu and the student schedule inquiry screen. The School was able to take a sample menu from Bull, and use MS Front-page to generate a new look for the legacy application in record time.

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