Glink for Java Release 6.3 Production version

This exciting release includes the standard emulations you know from previous releases, plus a new, lower cost 'Open' product with only the ANSI, VTnnn and Minitel emulations for access to Open platforms.

The ANSI, VTnnn and Minitel emulations are of course included in the Bull DKU, VIP7800/VIP7700 and IBM 3270/5250 versions

The production version of Glink for Java Release 6.3 is ready for download. Contact your distributor.

Major new functionality

Stand-alone licensing on a per seat basis

A new workstation license allows Glink for Java and the admin program to be run on stand-alone workstations with no Glink for Java server needed. This is what you need for the users for whom connection to a central license and configuration server is inconvenient or impossible. Mac, OS2, Unix and Linux workstation users can now install and run the same desktop emulator, very like the latest release of Glink for Windows, without needing connection to a specific network for license and configuration control. The Windows users can use it too, if conformity to a standard desktop across a multi-platform environment is an important issue.

Glink for Java Professional Edition

The release includes the new Professional Edition with a Java API that enables your own Java applications to start up and control several Glink sessions. We deliver examples, and one is an interesting real-life solution as to how you can use the API in a small application that starts both a Glink IBM 3270 screen session, and a Glink IBM 3287 print session in the same Java Virtual Machine. Using this technique you can also start multiple screen sessions in the same JVM at great savings in overhead.

Your own Java applications can use the API to talk to one or more host applications, combining host data from several sources to give a completely new user interface. The Professional Edition is intended for workstation usage, and each user program is limited to controlling five Glink sessions.

Glink for Java Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition has exactly the same API as the Professional Edition above, but will allow many more simultaneous sessions, restricted only by license. The Enterprise Edition is intended for use on a server system to provide host access to e-business applications. The API can be encapsulated in Java beans that fit into the Component Object Model (COM), and we will be delivering J2EE compliant connectors based on the API.

The GwebS HTTP server

The Glink for Java package now includes the G&R HTTP server that allows Glink for Java to be downloaded as an applet or application from web pages we supply, and which you can modify to suit your needs. A standard web server is no longer a prerequisit for a web-based installation.

Products included in the release:


Glink for Java DKU (includes Open)
Glink for Java 7800 (includes VIP7700 and Open)
Glink for Java 3270 (includes 5250 and Open)
Glink for Java Open (only ANSI, VTnnn and Minitel)
Glink for Java All (All emulations)


Standard edition
Professional edition
(standard edition plus the Glink for Java API)
Enterprise Edition
(Professional Edition, but for use on servers)

License scheme:

Per session (applet and application mode)
Per session (Enterprise Edition on server)
Per seat (workstation mode)

Supported platforms:

Glink for Java and the admin program will run on any platform supporting Java 1.1 or better, as an applet or as an application. The Enterprise Edition will run as a server on any platform supporting Java 1.1 or better.

When using central licensing and configuration control the GlinkJ server must be installed on a supported platform:

386/486/Pentium, System V release 3.2
386/486/Pentium, System V release 4.x
386/486/Pentium, Linux kernel 2.x
Alpha running Digital Unix 3.x
HP, running HP-UX release 10.x
MIPS, System V release 4.x
RS/6000/PPC, AIX release 4.x
SPARC, Solaris release 2.x
NT Server 4.0 (Service Pack 3 or later)
Windows 2000

On any of these platforms you can also choose to use the GwebS HTTP server that is included in the product, instead of a standard web server, for the purposes of downloading the applet
version into client browsers, or downloading the application version onto desktops.


  • Install only Glink client on desktops. The web-based installation now has alternative web pages that download only the Glink client, not the administration program. Administrators can use this to stop unwanted deployment of the administration program by adjusting the web pages presented to the users
  • The maximum number of macros has been increased from 20 to 60
  • A new function is added to the toolbar setup to allow you to adapt the keybar to a specific application or emulation. The new function "Replace icons with text buttons" lets the administrator replace icons with configurable text buttons. In addition, the buttons' tool tips may also be configured
  • The new Glink delivery now contains toolbar configuration examples for Minitel, IBM 3270 and VT
  • The installation of the Glink application version on the desktop is now handled by the 3.5 version of the InstallAnywhere product for better support of new platforms such as Windows Me (Millenium edition, final version of Windows 98) and Windows 2000
  • TNVIP: Added the possibility of configuring that the user should be prompted for the Resource name when connecting to host
  • TN3270: Added the possibility of configuring that the user should be prompted for the LU name when connecting to host
  • Added support for TP8 applications using IBM3270 emulation.
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