G&R announce availability on Itanium(TM)-based servers

The port of Gallagher & Robertson applications to Bull's Servers with Intel® Itanium processors is now available to selected customers. The complete product range will be generally available with AIX® 5L, 64-bit Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® Whistler, as soon as production versions of the operating systems for Itanium-based servers become available.

Bull and Gallagher & Robertson deliver net-infrastructure software solutions on Bull Escala IL Servers

Gallagher & Robertson, a long time partner of Bull and provider of client and middleware solutions for access to UNIX, Bull GCOS, IBM OS/390 and IBM OS/400 hosts, announces today the availability of their net-infrastructure software solutions Gweb, Ggate and Host Links on Bull's Escala IL servers based on the Intel® Itanium architecture. The complete Gweb, Ggate and Host Links product set has been successfully ported to the AIX 5LTM, 64-bit Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® Whistler operating systems and are now ready for early shipment to selected Bull customers.

"Thanks to the well-designed, portable nature of our software, we have again demonstrated our intention and ability to follow the technical evolution and make our products available on state of the art open servers," said Michael Sandøy, the General Manager of Gallagher & Robertson.

"We are proud to add the next generation server platforms to the long list of already supported platforms, including Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers, up through most commercial UNIX platforms, including Linux as well as AIX® on Bull's Escala systems. Companies looking for efficient, scalable and reliable net-infrastructure solutions can now take advantage of the power offered by the new Bull Escala IL servers."

Gweb is a server application that provides access to legacy applications on Bull and IBM hosts from a Web browser with no programming effort - anywhere. Ggate is a reliable, scalable and efficient gateway to Bull mainframes. Host Links comprises of a set of integrated products, providing connectivity to Bull and IBM legacy applications from UNIX and PC-LAN environments. Terminal and printer simulations, file transfer, programmatic interfaces and reliable and efficient gateways make Host Links a complete offer.

"We are delighted that Gallagher and Robertson are again partnering with Bull at the leading edge of technology," said Jean-Philippe Chiarella, Vice-President of Open Systems, Bull Infrastructure & Systems. "Together we can deliver state-of-the art net-infrastructures that enable our mutual customers to deploy e-business solutions in complex multi-vendor environments."

Bull's new line of Escala IL servers responds to the needs of the growing generation of highly demanding business applications and infrastructures such as Windows® consolidation and scale-up; large database and data warehousing, ERP/CRM applications; highly secure Internet environments; and high-performance computing. Today's introduction of the Escala IL servers significantly expands the Escala product range and makes it the most open of all 64-bit server ranges in the market, embracing two processor architectures (Escala PL servers based on RISC architecture and Escala IL based on Intel® ItaniumTM architecture) and three complementary operating systems (64-bit Linux®, Microsoft® Windows® Whistler Server and AIX®/AIX 5LTM). This provides outstanding freedom of choice for customers and partners.

The two new Escala IL models, the Escala IL400R (4-way server) and the Escala IL1600 (16-way server) offer 1- to 16-way multiprocessing capability and a choice of AIX 5L, 64-bit Linux and Microsoft Windows Whistler operating systems.

The early support for Bull Escala IL clearly demonstrates Gallagher & Robertson's ability to adapt to new technologies and the close cooperation between Gallagher & Robertson and Bull at all levels. The complete product range will be generally available with AIX 5LTM, 64-bit Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® Whistler, as soon as production versions of the operating systems for ItaniumTM-based servers become available.

"Intel®'s innovative ItaniumTM architecture has technical features well adapted to demanding e-business development applications," said Sharad Gandhi, Director, Internet Solutions Group, Intel Corporation.

"The early availability of these proven software solutions from Gallagher & Robertson on the new ItaniumTM-based platforms means that customers can reap these benefits sooner."

Both Gallagher & Robertson and Bull are committed to deliver scalable, high performance solutions for their customers' large net- infrastructure projects. To continue this commitment and strategy, both companies plan to validate products on generally released versions of AIX 5LTM, 64-bit Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® Whistler at future dates.

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