Glink for Java is now available for download and trial

Glink for Java is a 100% Java version of Gallagher & Robertson's immensely popular Glink for Windows terminal emulation program. Glink for Java includes emulation of the Bull Questar DKU7107 and DKU7211 terminals, Bull VIP7800, VIP7760 and VIP7700 terminals, IBM 3270 and 5250 terminals and DEC VT320 and VT102 terminals. ANSI 3.64 is supported for general communications work. Teletel and Minitel are supported for access to popular public information systems.

Brief history

In 1997 we released Glink for Java as an applet for download on demand into a browser, making browsers into universal terminals for information systems. In 1998 we announced Glink as a certified applet that could reach workstation disks and printers. In 1999 we announced the application version, that can be installed as a Java desktop application on any workstation platform supporting Java. In 2000 we made it possible for the workstation version to be stand-alone, rather than always being controlled from centralized configuration files. In 2001 we released a server-side application version, with an optimized Application Programming Interface to connect your e-business Web applications to existing mainframe systems.

Download a trial version

We have decided to make it easier for users to try Glink for Java as a free-standing application on their own workstations. Our Web site has been updated to allow download of a trial version of the latest production release. The Glink you download includes pre-set configurations that access live demonstration applications, and some templates that you can use to configure access to your own mainframe applications.

You will find the download page by following the link to Demos from our home page:

The version offered for download is the Professional Edition R6.4. The Professional Edition includes the Glink API so that you can use your own Java applications to drive one or more copies of Glink. Documentation of the API and programming examples are included. Note that the professional edition is intended to support applications on workstations, but can be used to test server applications using a limited number of sessions. The Enterprise Edition is needed on servers that will support large numbers of simultaneous sessions.

Supported workstation platforms

The workstation platforms qualified for this release are:

  • Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP)
  • Solaris, Intel
  • Solaris, Sparc
  • AIX, PowerPC
  • Linux, Intel
  • OS/2 Warp
  • Mac OS X

Before you can download we require some information from you, and a valid e-mail address, because we need to e-mail a trial key to you that will enable the downloaded Glink for a month. This is for our own records only, and will not be supplied to others.

Current users of Glink for Java

Users who already have a previous version of Glink are welcome to try the new version, but they MUST install the trial version in a separate directory.

Remember to install the key

Before you run Glink you must install the temporary key you will receive immediately in response to your download request, and it will work for a few days. By then you will have received a one month trial key.


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