SSH added to Glink 7.2

SSH is supported in Glink R7.2.


For client/server communications security and identity verification Glink implemented first the Windows standard, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), used by browsers and web servers world wide. SSL security and administration is often already in place because of the need to protect browser <=> web server communication when the clients need to deliver sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to the server-side applications. SSL can be used for any protocol based on TCP/IP sockets, and thus for Telnet connections between Glink and mainframes (front-ends) with SSL servers. R6.1 of Host Links introduced SSL support on all G&R gateways and servers.

Many UNIX/Linux based sites have instead used SSH (Secure Shell) to ensure client/server communications security and identity verification, primarily for Telnet links.

In R7.2 Glink implements integration with the freeware SSH software PuTTY to allow communication with SSH servers.

You will find SSH in Glink under:

  • Glink=>Settings=>Communications=>interface=>vendor APIs

Choose PuTTY for SSH communications links.

When you choose PuTTY you get basic integration with PuTTY for SSHD access. Glink uses/requires only plink.exe (console tunnel to SSHD server), and starts and terminates plink.exe on demand.

You can use other PuTTY tools (puttygen.exe) for generating keys if required.

The PuTTY freeware is distributed under the MIT license, similar to BSD.

Once you have installed plink.exe then Glink will have SSH functionality.

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