Glink Professional & Enterprise Editions, update 7.2.1 is available

Apart from the error corrections mentioned below, this maintenance release also includes some enhancements

Glink Professional and Enterprise Edition, updates 7.2.1 are now available. Your local distributor can download them for installation on production sites. These updates are available free of charge to customers with a service contract for Glink Professional or Enterprise Edition. Customers with a service contract for Glink Standard Edition can upgrade at a special discount. Customers with no service contract must purchase a license upgrade.

Apart from the error corrections mentioned below, this maintenance release also includes some enhancements:

  • Window resize when displaying graphics
  • Local print of graphics screens
  • New colour schemes for closer IBM emulation
  • IBM GDDM Graphics improvements
  • IBM APL (A Programming Language) support
  • REXX HLLAPI support
  • Basic Edit Cut/Undo support
  • Keyboard marking with Shift+arrows
  • Other keyboard changes

Release number

This release is primarily a maintenance release that corrects errors detected in the original 7.2.0 release.

The details of errors corrected are listed in the announcement for our technical list.

Window resize when displaying graphics

We have added support for resizing the Glink screen when in graphics mode. This is most useful when you have configured the 'Adjust font size' resizing option, allowing you to resize the Glink window as required. The graphic image is stretched or squeezed accordingly.

Please note that when Glink enters IBM graphics mode there is a dialog between the terminal and the mainframe that, amongst other things, establishes the current size of the screen. An 'intelligent' application will react to the size Glink provides and scale the graphic screen to that size; so to get the best image you should resize (or maximize) the window before asking the mainframe to display the graphics image.

Local print of graphics screens

Glink now supports local hard copy printing of mainframe graphics screens. Glink must have local printing options configured for Windows (GUI). All the Windows (GUI) formatting options can be used, including the Printer colour schemes, to adjust the appearance of the hard copy.

New colour schemes for closer IBM emulation

We have added two new colour schemes for better IBM colour emulation.

  • IBM3179-G dark
  • IBM3179-G white

Either of these colour schemes can be used for the Glink emulation or graphics screen and the printer. With default Glink colour settings, the 'dark' colour scheme gives a black background that is closest to the the actual IBM terminal. The 'white' gives a white background. The white background is more useful as a printer colour scheme.

IBM GDDM Graphics improvements

We have improved Glink's IBM GDDM Graphics emulation, including some minor corrections.

IBM APL support

We have added support for IBM APL (A Programming Language). Glink is now delivered with a new TrueType APL font used in the APL support. This font consists of a basic set of 'programming language' symbols which correspond to operations the host can perform.

You can find out more at ACM.


We have added a new SAAHLAPI.DLL to the Glink delivery that interfaces between the REXX language interpreters and Glink's HLLAPI support. You can obtain several Freeware REXX interpretors from the web. We have qualified Glink's REXX support with the Regina REXX interpreter.

Basic Edit Cut/Undo support

We have added basic support for the edit 'Cut' and 'Undo' operations. If you configure the emulation 'Copy/paste with Ctrl+C/V' option, then the standard Ctrl+X/Z can be used for Cut/Undo. These internal Glink functions can be remapped using GLLAY.

Keyboard marking with Shift+arrows

The Shift+arrow keys now default to the normal edit commands of automatically setting 'Mark' selection mode.

Other keyboard changes

We have added a few extra predefined keys to this release:

  • Shift+arrow keys Edit marking
  • Shift+Insert Edit->paste (as before)
  • Shift+Delete Edit->cut
  • Shift+Home Unassigned
  • Shift+End Goto EOF (IBM mode)
  • Shift+PgUp Unassigned
  • Shift+PgDn Unassigned
  • Ctrl+F8 APL on/off (IBM mode)
  • Alt+Pause: ATTN key (IBM mode)
  • AltGr+Fn: Equivalent to Alt+Fn
  • AltGr+
  • Insert/Delete/
  • Home/End/
  • PgUp/PgDn
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