GlinkVisual is officially supported in Glink R7.2.3

Glink R7.2.3 introduces official support for the G&R GlinkVisual product. The run-time support is included in the release, and the GlinkVisual Forms Assistant is available as a separately priced product for customers who would like to use Visual Basic to develop workstation or server-side applications that access mainframe applications using Glink.

Glink.Visual, Facelifting with VB

Long ago G&R had a friendly arrangement with TwinCentric. They wanted to produce a product that made it easy to write Visual Basic routines to handle mainframe screens. We had an emulation engine for the differing mainframe screens, and we had a low level API (DDE) that allowed a programmer to access the mainframe screen.

We cooperated with TwinCentric, extending our DDE to meet their needs, and the resulting product was quite successful. Customers with Glink could run workstation applications written in Visual Basic, and interface those applications to mainframe applications with the help of TwinCentrics GL.Visual product.

Today TwinCentric have gone their own way. They have developed their own emulations and incorporated them in the Net.Visual product, which is sold as EYESYS in the USA by Infosol.

We believe that our Glink customers do not want to move to new emulation engines, and so we have developed our own tool to ease the programming of Visual Basic workstation applications that interact with mainframe screens.

The Glink.Visual forms assistant is needed only on development workstations, and is licensed at a very reasonable price.

The run-time support for Visual Basic applications that access the mainframe screen with the help of Glink.Visual is included in the standard Glink Professional and Glink Enterprise Editions.

Some highlights of GlinkVisual

GlinkVisual is a native G&R product

The product is developed by the Glink developers, and supported by the G&R support team on a line with Glink itself.

Glink Professional & Enterprise include run-time

If you have Glink Professional or Enterprise Edition, you already have GlinkVisual simply by updating to 7.2.3, there is no run-time product to purchase.

Interface to optimized emulation engine

GlinkVisual interfaces to the optimized emulation engine that we produced as the motor for the Glink API used in the Professional and Enterprise Editions and in server-side products such as GlinkWeb.

Glink communications interfaces

GlinkVisual has the full range of G&R communications interfaces available. This is important in the Bull environment where GlinkVisual applications can use the G&R connectivity-record breaking products, Ggate or DGA (Direct GCOS Access) rather than a TNVIP gateway.

Glink Enterprise Edition concurrent session licenses

The runtime is included in Glink Professional and Enterprise Editions, and covered by your existing license. If you have an Enterprise Edition license then your GlinkVisual applications share the simultaneous sessions in the Enterprise license pool. You only need a license when the application is in use.

GlinkVisual Forms Assistant needed only for development

The only separately charged component is the Forms Assistant, used to capture mainframe screens, and give logical names to the fields and areas in which your application is interested. The Assistant is available at a reasonable price, and needed only on your development workstations.

Forms database conversion

We offer a services package for installation of GlinkVisual and conversion of existing GL.Visual forms databases to G&R forms databases. The services team use a database converter utility that automatically generates a G&R database from the GL.Visual database.

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