Glink R8.1 is "Certified for Windows Vista"

Glink Pro­fes­sional Edi­tion R8.1 has suc­cess­ful­ly com­plet­ed cer­ti­fi­ca­tion test­ing at VeriTest for the Microsoft "Cer­ti­fied for Windows Vista" logo program.

VeriTest is the Testing Service of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

Visual signal of quality

Certification allows us to use the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo in our promotional materials and on the product, giving Glink customers a clear visible indication that Glink meets the Vista standards for reliability, security and compatibility. It also signals that Glink gives customers the highest quality Windows Vista experience.

Customer benefits

Security and compatibility

The security and compatibility requirements of the certification program ensure Glink customers that the product meets a higher standard for overall security, and helps ensure that Glink will work with Windows Vista on different architectures, under different configurations, and in different modes.

Glink respects User Account Control, and does not require administrative privileges, giving the customer a more secure Windows experience. Digital signatures on all executables increase customer trust in Glink, and ensure that the product has not been tampered with. Glink compatibility with 64-bit Windows platforms opens the path for hardware upgrades. Glink supports concurrent user sessions, including sessions opened over a remote network connection, and Glink supports Fast User Switching. Of course Glink meets the privacy guidelines put forth by the Anti-Spyware Coalition, and customers can rely on the absence of malware or spyware in the product.


Customers can be confident that Glink installs on Windows without degrading the operating system or other applications, and can be uninstalled as necessary.

Glink uses the Windows installer (MSI) for installation, and respects User Account Control during installation. Glink also offers 'silent' administrative installations from a command line, enabling installation on platforms with no Graphical User Interface. Glink files are installed in the correct user folders as required by the certification program.


Glink meets Vista reliability requirements. Glink in the Vista environment becomes even more predictable, maintainable, resilient, and recoverable. By registering for restart and listening for shutdown messages Glink utilizes fully the Vista functionality for making Vista maintenance, including reboots, as painless as possible. Certification also means that G&R recieve crash reports directly from Microsoft Windows error reporting, adding a further dimension to the already excellent Glink support organization.

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