Glink update 8.2.3, Professional & Enterprise Editions are available

Keepalive option added for Telnet and SSH interface and improved VTxxx status reports to host 

Glink update 8.2.3, Professional and Enterprise Editions are now available for installation on production sites. 

The Professional Edition is available for download and evaluation from our 'Resources' area.

Your local distributor can download them for installation on production sites. These updates are available free of charge to customers with a service contract for Glink Professional or Enterprise Edition. Customers with a service contract for Glink Standard Edition can upgrade at a special discount. Customers with no service contract must purchase a license upgrade.

Release number

This release is based on the R8.2 source tree, and is regarded as a maintenance update of that release.

The release is primarily a maintenance update that corrects errors detected since the 8.2.2 release. However there are some enhancements:

Enhancements included in this maintenance release:

Keepalive option added for Telnet and SSH interfaces

Increasingly, network routers are being configured with an idle timeout that is much shorter than the standard TCP/IP socket keep-alive (SO_KEEPALIVE) of two hours. This results in idle Glink sessions being disconnected after a half hour or an hour, to irritation for users who have Glink sessions open to host systems that they use sporadically during the working day. Glink has long had its own keep-alive for Ggate sessions to Bull mainframes. This enhancement extends Glink keep-alive to the Telnet and SSH interfaces.

Improved VTxxx status reports to host

The Glink VTxxx emulation has been greatly enhanced over the years, to the point where we regard it as being one of the market leaders in terms of functionality. However Glink's reporting to hosts that inquire about its capabilities has not been updated (very few hosts actually inquire, and fewer change their behaviour depending on the answer). We have updated Glinks reporting to reflect the current capabilities of the VTxxx emulation.

The details of errors corrected are documented in the known error pages of our web server and are listed in the announcement for our technical list.

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