Glink Release 8.4.1 Professional and Enterprise Editions available

Glink Professional and Enterprise Editions, update 8.4.1 are now available for installation on production sites 

The Professional Edition is available for download and evaluation from our 'Resources' area. It can also be purchased on-line from our webshop.

Your local distributor can download them for installation on production sites. These updates are available free of charge to customers with a service contract for Glink Professional or Enterprise Edition. Customers with a service contract for Glink Standard Edition can upgrade at a special discount. Customers with no service contract must purchase a license upgrade.

Release number

This release is based on the R8.4 source tree, and is regarded as a maintenance update of that release.

The release is primarily a maintenance update that corrects errors detected since the 8.4.0 release. However there are some enhancements:

  • Glink organizer
  • Extended support for VT420 commands
  • New $MYIPADDR script variable
  • New national EBCDIC codepages
  • New colour scheme
  • New default for Parity in VT/ANSI emulation
  • TNVIP resource names extended

Glink information pages | Product sheet | Brochure

Release 8.4.1 highlights

Glink organizer

A new application, the Glink organizer, is included to provide a possible substitute for the lack of a structured start menu when running Windows 8. This provides a simple interface to demos, documentation and administration tools that are found in the start menu on earlier Windows releases.

Extended support for VT420 commands

The VT emulation now supports a more complete set of VT420 commands, and also a large number of VT520 commands. ECMA command sequences are now also interpreted.

New $MYIPADDR script variable

The script $MYIPADDR variable has acquired a set of companion variables to provide more targeted values for the IP address
of the local machine:

  • $LOCIPADDR  provides the IP address used for the most recent outgoing connection from Glink
  • $MY4IPADDR  provides an IPv4 address for this machine
  • $MY6IPADDR  provides an IPv6 address for this machine
  • $MYAIPADDR  provides a comma-separated list of all valid IP addresses for this machine

New national EBCDIC codepages

Support for national EBCDIC has been added for Greek, Turkish and Russian codepages.

New Colour Scheme

An additional preconfigured colour scheme has been provided in Windows colour adjustments to supply a Pcomm-compatible colour scheme.

New default for Parity in VT/ANSI emulation

The initial setup wizard will set 8bit no parity as default for new ANSI/VT connections (rather than 7bit even.

TNVIP resource names extended

TNVIP resource names are now permitted with lengths up to 16 characters (previously 12 as documented in the RFC, but the software as implemented by Bull now supports 16).

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