Glink for Android is now available

The wait is over! We are very proud to announce our first product for Android! 

Glink for Android is a port of Glink for iPad/iPhone, allowing you to access your Bull, IBM, DEC, UNIX and Linux hosts from anywhere without having to bring a laptop computer or MacBook!

Glink meets the needs of all major environments, including government, finance, industry, travel and commerce.

  • Glink acts as a fast, efficient and highly functional terminal emulator for connecting Android tablets and Smartphones to legacy business applications running on enterprise systems
  • Glink allows you to configure multiple host sessions. They can be any mix of terminal and print sessions, to the same or different hosts and applications
What is Glink for Android?

Glink for Android is an App for terminal emulation and communication with legacy host systems. It includes terminal emulations for the Bull, IBM, Open Systems and Public Information environments and uses standard TCP/IP protocols for communications with the legacy systems, and can secure all protocols with the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS) encryption. For Bull legacy systems, Glink offers the extremely efficient G&R/Ggate protocol in addition to TNVIP and Telnet. A configurable multiline toolbar where you put frequently used operations, recorded as macros, and function keys makes Glink a very powerful tool.

In Glink for Android we:
  • have carefully ported decades of experience, as well as proven emulation and communication code, from Glink for Windows and Glink for iPad to Android. We have also included the popular and powerful macro feature that all Glink-users know and appreciate
  • provide you with reliable terminal emulation software that you install and manage on the device using techniques that are standard for Android handheld devices
  • Open a browser view or e-mail client if you tap-and-hold a finger on a http:// or https:// URL or an e-mail address
  • support external Bluetooth keyboards and barcode scanning with built-in camera
  • Glink is compliant with the design guidelines for the Android devices. Zooming, scrolling, selection, focus, enabling/disabling of keyboard are implemented the same way as in the browser
  • A configurable multiline toolbar can be customized to meet your needs. Add your own macros for frequently used operations, change button texts, move buttons around and remove unused function keys.
  • Glink's macro feature saves you from a lot of typing and is a very useful tool for automating logon or frequently used operations involving multiple interaction steps with the host. The macros are easily assigned to buttons on the toolbar with your selected text

Installation and configuration: Glink for Android is a client App, purchased on the Google Play store or in G&R's webshop and installed and setup on each user's device.
Security: Glink for Android supports SSL/TLS for encryption of all host communication. You can also set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) link to the company network. Connection macros can be protected by a password.
Print: Glink supports both print screen and printing from the host in all emulations. Either in separate 3270, 5250 or DKU/VIP print sessions or in the terminal session from Unix/Linux hosts and from Bull hosts when the Ggate- or TNVIP- server merges the print into the terminal session.

Glink for Android is now available on the Google Play Store and in G&R's webshop as four different apps:

  • Glink is a full version that includes all emulations and communication protocols. Glink is used to access applications running on Bull, IBM, DEC, UNIX and Linux host systems. Glink has emulations for the IBM 3270 and 5250 terminals, Bull Questar DKU7107 and DKU7211 terminals, Bull VIP7800, VIP7760 and VIP7700 terminals, and DEC VT320 and VT102 terminals. ANSI 3.64 is supported for general communications work.
  • Glink 3270 is used to access applications running on IBM host systems. Glink 3270 emulates all IBM 3270 terminals and uses the TN3270 protocol for communication with the host systems.
  • Glink 5250 is used to access applications running on IBM iSeries systems. Glink 5250 emulates all IBM 5250 terminals and uses the TN5250 protocol for communication with the host systems.
  • Glink VT is used to access applications running on UNIX, Linux and DEC host systems. Glink VT emulates DECVT100/220/320/420 terminals and uses the Telnet protocol for communication with the host systems.

For more information see:

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or see the product information in Google Play Store:

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