Glink Release 8.5 Professional and Enterprise Editions available

This release is fully qualified on Windows 10. It has been certified under the Microsoft "Windows 10 Compatible" logo program.

The Professional Edition is available for download and evaluation from our 'Resources' area. It can also be purchased on-line from our web-shop.

This is a significant release of Glink. It demonstrates once again G&R's continuing commitment to development on new hardware and operating system platforms and timely delivery of state of the art products to our customers. It introduces:

  • Windows 10 qualification and approval
  • New URL option
  • Script NEW command
  • Script filter ans terminator characters

Glink information pages | Product sheet | Brochure

Release 8.5 highlights

New Windows platforms

Windows 10 qualification and approval

This release has been qualified on Windows 10 and has been certified under the Microsoft "Windows 10 Compatible" logo program.

New URL option

Double clicking a valid on-screen URL will jump to that URL, unless the functionality is turned off in the configuration.

Script NEW command

The script NEW command provides the same functionality as CHAIN but executes the new script at top level.

Script filter and terminator characters

Additional characters have been added as default filters and terminators for the script RCVLINE command.

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