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Gweb gives web users access to mainframe applications from their browser, without the need for additional software on the client workstation. For many non-specialist users Gweb can replace a terminal emulator.

Gweb makes legacy mainframe applications developed using standard terminal interfaces accessible to large populations who do not have an appropriate emulator. Gweb is the ideal way of making mainframe information available to the general public without specialized web development. Your legacy applications run immediately.

Gweb can access legacy applications written for IBM3270, VIP7700, VIP7760, VIP7800 or DKU terminals. It operates on most UNIX and Linux platforms as well as Windows servers. It can work together with any World Wide Web server that supports the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) for external applications. This includes the most popular Web servers such as Apache and Microsoft's Internet Information Server. Note however that best performance is achieved by using the Gweb standalone HTTP server, GwebS, included with the product. It is also by far the simplest to set-up, and occupies less space on your disk than any other HTTP server.

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