Host print

The ability to receive host print output from legacy systems is an important aspect of host access from Windows/Linux/UNIX systems. Host print can be delivered in small volumes direct to a terminal emulator, and of course the Gallagher & Robertson emulations accept host print. There is also a need to accept high volume print efficiently and reliably, and we offer a network printer emulation that does exactly that, and delivers the print to the local spooling system on the platform it runs.

Gspool, the Gallagher & Robertson network printer emulator and spooler, runs unattended in the background on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers, making it uniquely scalable across a wide range of hardware platforms.

Gspool accepts print from IBM and Bull hosts. The print is delivered to the local spooling system, that again delivers the print to a local printer, or to a network printer visible to the local spooling system.

Gspool is designed to receive large volumes of host print output, and deliver it reliably to the intended print devices, or to local applications for further processing. Safe delivery of the print is ensured by a log and a report history file that records each print job received. A separate monitor gives the administrator a GUI interface to the log and history, making it easy to identify print jobs that fail, and reprint them after fixing the problem, or redirect them to another spooler queue.

A wide range of customers have found that Gspool meets their needs for robust, reliable and efficient reception of print output from their IBM or Bull mainframes.

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