Ggate is the G&R gateway to Bull GCOS systems. It is a 100% software solution that runs on Windows, AIX and Linux platforms.

It replaces gateways that run on proprietary hardware, and can replace a Bull MainWay front-end for huge savings in cost of operation. Ggate offers monitoring facilities, backup routing and load balancing. Above all Ggate offers unrivaled throughput in terms of transactions per second on a wide range of platforms, giving you a uniquely scalable solution for GCOS access.

What does Ggate offer you?

  • Choice of Open Systems platforms for ease of integration in your operational environment
  • Choice of platform power for scalability and cost-effective communication
  • Record-beating performance limited only by your choice of platform
  • Choice of installation on your GCOS platform (NovaScale or DIANE) or on an external platform
  • Choice of fail-safe installation on multiple servers
  • Choice of load-balancing across multiple servers
  • Monitoring services for following your GCOS access load
  • Ggate native TCP/IP protocol for efficient communication with Glink and other G&R clients
  • TNVIP protocol for communication with third party block-mode clients
  • Telnet protocol for communication with character mode clients
  • Fully configurable native Bull DSA sessions with all GCOS6, GCOS7 and GCOS8 applications

Ggate is the most efficient and scalable gateway to Bull systems. Ggate runs on Windows, Linux, AIX and more.

When you choose a gateway to your GCOS system you are primarily concerned that the product be robust, reliable and performant, but there are other considerations:

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