Ggate is the most efficient and scalable gateway to Bull systems. Ggate runs on Windows, Linux, AIX and more.

Opening up the Bull mainframes!

Are you looking for a new gateway to your Bull mainframes? Are you tired of buying proprietary hardware based gateways that don’t offer the throughput available in commodity state-of-the-art solutions? Then you are looking for Ggate Professional Edition. Ggate Professional Edition is a 100% software solution that runs on standard Open Systems hardware, under standard, Open Systems operating systems using standard Open Systems network components and protocols.

A scalable secure solution

Ggate Professional Edition is designed for speed and scalability, with no internal restrictions or built-in limits to stop you from taking advantage of the capacity offered by your Open System platform. Ggate Professional Edition is the perfect solution, whether your requirement is Bull mainframe access for less than a hundred or for many thousand concurrent users. When your business grows and you need access for more users, all you need is an extension of your Ggate Professional Edition license. Ggate Professional Edition also allows you to secure your mainframe communications by offering SSL/TLS encryption and authentication between your clients and Ggate.

What is Ggate Professional Edition?

Ggate Professional Edition is a 100% software solution that installs and runs on any major Open Systems platform operating system: Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris and HP-UX, and provides a gateway between a standard TCP/IP network and Bull’s internal DSA network. Client and server applications can access Ggate from anywhere in the Intranet, Extranet or Internet over TCP/IP. To reach the Bull mainframes Ggate uses native DSA protocol, over either TCP/IP, following the RFC1006 standard, or OSI Transport protocols (LAN or WAN). G&R’s native DSA over TCP/IP is always the preferred choice if available on the Bull mainframe. From the client to Ggate, Gallagher & Robertson products such as Glink, GUFT and Gweb use the optimized G&R/Ggate protocol. Products from other vendors must use telnet or telnet-VIP (TNVIP) protocol when connecting through Ggate Professional Edition

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