Terminal Emulation for Android; TN5250, TN3270, Telnet, SSH

Glink for Android is a terminal emulator for Android tablets, smartphones, barcode scanners, mobile computers and Chrome devices.

Glink is used to access applications running on IBM, AIX, UNIX, Linux and Bull host systems. Glink has terminal emulation for the IBM 3270 and 5250 terminals, Bull Questar DKU7102, DKU7107 and DKU7211 terminals, Bull VIP7800, VIP7760 and VIP7700 terminals, and DEC VT420, VT320/340, VT220, VT102, VT100 and ANSI 3.64 terminals. 

Glink brings you a high quality and proven terminal emulator for your Android barcode scanner devices, tablets, smartphones and Chrome devices.


  • IBM3270, IBM5250, Bull DKU7107, Bull VIP7800, Bull VIP7700, Bull DKU7102, VT420, VT320/340, VT220, VT102, ANSI 3.64 terminal emulation, all screen sizes
  • TN3270, TN5250, TNVIP, Telnet and Ggate communication to host
  • SSL/TLS support for secure communication
  • SSH for direct communication with the SSH Daemon
  • SSH tunneling for Telnet protocol
  • Multiple concurrent host sessions
  • Configurable multiline toolbar with function keys and macros
  • Switch toolbar display on/off with action bar icon
  • Configurable hotspots for function keys, option numbers and URLs
  • Configurable line spacing for improved readability and to make it easier to hit hotspots
  • Macro recording for auto-login and for assignment to toolbar
  • Pop-up standard keyboard with support of international characters
  • Tab/shift-Tab and arrow-keys supported on external Bluetooth keyboard
  • Colors can be customized
  • Multiple host configurations supported
  • Export and import of configurations
  • Supports Managed App Configuration, which allows users to configure Glink remotely through Mobile Device Management
  • Optional password protected configurations
  • Optional auto-connect at startup
  • Optional use of double-tap as Enter/Transmit
  • IBM5250 emulation supports Double Byte Character Sets (DBCS) like Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Configurable scroll-back buffer contains history of your host session
  • Print or e-mail host print data
  • Print or e-mail terminal emulation content or scroll-back buffer content
  • Zoom and scroll
  • Blinking attribute supported
  • Blinking cursor supported
  • Tap and hold to open http:// or https:// URL in internal or external browser
  • Tap and hold to open Mail with e-mail address on screen
  • Barcode scanning with built-in camera supported
  • Zebra mobile computers and barcode scanner devices supported with DataWedge interface
  • Honeywell mobile computers and barcode scanner devices supported with Wedge interface
  • Denso mobile computers and barcode scanner devices supported with Scan Settings interface
  • Socket Mobile barcode scanners connected in SPP mode (Serial Port Profile)
  • Other Bluetooth barcode scanners like Opticon devices connected as external keyboard

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