Gargen - Java Bean generator

Gargen is a development tool, licensed by developer workstation. It is a JavaBean generator that allows the developer to step through existing mainframe transactions, and then automatically generate either Standard JavaBeans, or Enterprise JavaBeans.

The beans can be used from a Java program on your workstation, from an applet within your browser, on the server from a Java servlet on any Web server supporting servlets or from a Java e-business application on a J2EE compliant Application Server.

The generation process is speedy and produces components that fit right into the component library of a Java developer. These mainframe access components completely obviate any necessity for your Java developers to be familiar with the mainframe implementation of the transactional components that they use, and reuse, when building new e-business systems that cooperate with those mainframe applications.

Gargen allows you to step through a mainframe application dialog sequence while recording the necessary information that a JavaBean will need in order to repeat the same function. Afterwards Gargen is able to generate the source code of a JavaBean or Enterprise JavaBean that uses the Glink API for mainframe communication and application forms processing. The Java source code generated is available to your Java developers for study, and enhancement or customization.

The bean can be tested and demonstrated within Gargen using a generic 'driver application', which looks at any bean to determine the input parameters it requires, and then generates a web page to ask for them. After execution of the bean the driver application displays all output from the bean in a web page, using the key values of the output parameters as headers for the output fields. This gives the Gargen user instant confirmation of the bean's functionality. It also provides a testbed for Java developers wanting to investigate practical use of the bean.

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