Glink for Java API

Glink for Java is delivered with an Application Programming Interface (API), for customers who wish access host applications from their own applications.

There are two versions of the Glink API, standard Glink API (glink.jar) and an optimized Glink API version (glinkee.jar). The latter has no screen display and is suitable for beans and applications that will collect host data and use their own presentation. The Glink API itself is the same, except for the display calls that are ignored by the glinkee.jar version.

When developing an application, use the glink.jar file so that you can see the host dialog, even if you supply your own user interface, since you then can quickly spot unexpected situations. Switch to the glinkee.jar when the application is completed.

To enable the API you must have licensed the Professional or Enterprise edition of Glink for Java. The Professional edition is intended for workstation applications and allows your application to start up to 5 simultaneous GlinkAPI instances. Each instance counts as one license. The Enterprise edition is intended for server-side applications, and is limited only by the session limit in the licenses file.

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