Communication protocols

Glink supports a wide range of communications interfaces.

  • In the Unix/Linux and General TCP/IP environment: Telnet, Rlogin, SSH and 'raw' TCP/IP
  • In the IBM environment: TN3270/TN3270E and TN5250/TN5250E
  • In the Bull TCP/IP environment: TNVIP, G&R/Direct GCOS Access and G&R/Ggate
  • In the Bull X.25 environment: Eicon, Atlantis and Cirel
  • In the asynchronous modem environment: Windows Telephony, Windows Serial Port

Telnet, Rlogin, SSH, TN3270E, TN5250E, TNVIP

The Glink Telnet client is qualified with a wide range of Telnet servers and gives excellent performance for Unix, Linux and general communications work.

For communication with IBM and Bull mainframes Glink supports TN3270/TN3270E, TN5250/TN5250E and TNVIP. These are Telnet dialects. They are basically Telnet with options that help overcome some of the disadvantages of using the protocol, best suited to dumb echo mode terminals, to control an intelligent block mode terminal device.

All the Telnet protocols can be secured with a choice of Secure Socket Layer or Secure Shell encryption and authentication to ensure privacy for your mainframe connections.

G&R/Ggate DSA gateway

For the high performance, high availability Bull environment Glink Professional Edition supports the G&R/DSA gateway protocol, connecting Glink to Bull mainframes via one or more G&R/Ggate gateways, optionally with load balancing and license sharing provided by G&R/Gproxy. The connections between your workstations and Ggate can be secured with a choice of the Secure Socket Layer or Secure Shell encryption and authentication protocols.G&R DSA gateway protocol is by far the most efficient TCP/IP protocol for accessing Bull GCOS8, GCOS7 or GCOS6 mainframes. It maps directly into DSA, the GCOS internal protocol used by TP8, TSS, IOF, TDS and all other interactive GCOS applications, making G&R/Ggate the fastest and most efficient GCOS gateway on the market. Ggate runs on UNIX, Linux and Windows server platforms making it uniquely scalable and adaptable in any network scenario.

Record breaking connectivity: 
UNIX: 15.000 simultaneous sessions, 2.600 transactions a second 
Windows: 5.000 simultaneous sessions, 400 transactions a second

Ggate is a standard feature of GNSP on GCOS8, and can be installed on GCOS7 Diane models. It offers far higher throughput than TNVIP or Telnet, and it is much more reliable as regards support of application-application dialog. Glink scripts, UVTI, OLE Automation and COM+ or .NET applications all work consistently when used with Ggate communications.

G&R/Direct GCOS Access (DGA)

For the Bull environment Glink Professional Edition supports the G&R/Direct GCOS Access (DGA) protocol, connecting Glink directly to Bull mainframes without the need for a front-end or gateway.

A need for load balancing, backup and recovery or for secure connections might lead you to select G&R/Ggate, but if you want to make your connections in native Bull internal protocol, direct from your workstation across the TCP/IP network to the RFC1006 port on the mainframe, without involving any front-end or gateway at all, then Direct GCOS Access is what you need.

G&R/Direct GCOS Access turns your workstation into a fully functional Bull network node in its own right. It supports DSA200 for GCOS7 systems, DSA300 for GCOS6 systems and GCOS8 Time Sharing, and CXI for GCOS8 TP8 systems.

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