IBM 3270

For the IBM 3270 legacy application environment Glink emulates: IBM3278-1(E) thru 3278-5(E), IBM3279-2(E) thru IBM3279-3(E), 3179G graphical capability, 3287-1 (printer)

Look and feel

You don’t need to work with IBM legacy application ‘black screen’ look and feel. The Glink SAA-compliant IBM3270 emulation can be configured with the Glink Professional Look and Feel, including 3D variable fields. Glink can convert text fields such as ‘PFnn’ into on-screen buttons that transmit the key sequence to the mainframe, or an arbitrary text can be a button that fires a macro that can execute any Glink function, even start a script.

Line graphics

The Glink IBM 3270 emulation supports graphics, used in various ways. The built-in alternate character set can be used to display line graphics. Glink supports the extra character set, and draws line graphics correctly.

Vector graphics

The most advanced IBM legacy applications use vector graphics. Glink Professional supplies all the commands needed to produce 3179G graphics including (but not limited to) use of 16 colors, text output, line drawing, shapes with fill effects and predefined markers. This enables Glink to display screens containing elaborate graphic images.


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