Script language

Glink’s comprehensive script language allows you to eliminate tedious repetitive tasks, or add user-friendly interfaces to legacy applications.

Script functionality

Scripts can be used for pre-programming dialog, initiation of file transfers and initiation of other Windows applications. A script can be event driven, and can remain in the background until triggered by some event during the session, such as reception of a predefined string or keyboard action. A script can feed keystrokes into the emulator, display directly on the screen, send directly to the communications line and interact with the user using dialog boxes and menus. Scripts can be initiated by the user, the legacy application or by separate Windows applications using an OLE link. The script language includes mathematical and string manipulation functions, file-handling functions and file transfer handling functions, as well as the expected interaction functions for dialog with the legacy application.

Windows dialog boxes

A unique feature of Glink’s script language is direct support for Windows dialog boxes. Your script’s dialog with the user can include any feature of Windows dialog boxes, including push buttons, radio buttons, input fields, drop-down selection lists, list boxes and, of course, images. In the dialog box shown here the flags are push buttons, and cause the script to change language.

VBScript and JScript

Glink can launch Visual Basic or JScripts in exactly the same way as it launches Glink scripts. Glink passes its Glink.GlinkAPI and Glink.Auto objects to the ScriptControl, which can then use the interface to interact with the Glink session.

OLE automation controller

The Glink script language has an OLE automation interface that allows it to act as an OLE automation controller and drive any OLE automation server using Visual Basic Application (VBA) syntax. Servers that can be driven in this way include Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office programs, as well as user-written applications that supply OLE automation services.

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