GlinkWeb is an extension to the Glink product family that gives web users access to mainframe applications from their browser.

There is no need for additional software on the client workstation. For many non-specialist users GlinkWeb can replace a terminal emulator.

Whereas standard Glink is installed and runs on the client workstations, GlinkWeb is deployed and runs on a web server. Both simulate various terminal types such as IBM 3270, IBM 5250, Bull DKU and Bull VIP, allowing the user to access applications on IBM and Bull mainframes.

Like Glink, GlinkWeb is available in Windows and Java versions. It combines a browser front-end with the Glink terminal emulation engines to connect browser users to legacy applications. The legacy application screens are mapped to HTML on-the-fly. Browser users see the legacy applications screens in their browser window, giving them terminal like access to the mainframes. Web-enabling using GlinkWeb needs no changes whatsoever to the legacy applications. Once GlinkWeb is installed on the web server, browser users can be given access to any legacy application

GlinkWeb consists of a browser front-end interfacing with the proven Glink emulation engines to give browser users terminal-like access to legacy applications. GlinkWeb utilizes the GlinkAPI to interface to the emulations engines in either the Windows ASP.NET or Java Server Page environments.

GlinkWeb automatically provides many features immediately on installation, and there are many more features that you can take into use at your own pace to enhance the look and feel of your legacy applications. The advanced features in GlinkWeb are available to programmers in a development environment.

Use GlinkWeb to web-enable your host applications and facelift the application screens. Facelifting is done programmatically in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

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