GlinkWeb automatically provides many features immediately on installation, and there are many more features that you can take into use at your own pace to enhance the look and feel of your legacy applications. The advanced features in GlinkWeb are available to programmers in a development environment.

On installation you get:
  • Immediate access to legacy applications
  • Automatic facelift of host forms
  • Data entry fields with 3D effect
  • Your own custom wallpaper
  • Mouse-activated function keys
  • Your own customized Web page headers
  • Your own customized Web page footers

With a minimum of effort you can:
  • Completely revamp all or selected legacy screens
    • mix new text with text from legacy screens
    • use any mix of fonts and colors
    • use images as illustrations and activators
    • use any Web page technique to gather input for the legacy application, including drop down lists, radio buttons and hyperlinks
  • Automate dialog steps
  • Combine data from multiple legacy application screens
  • Combine data from multiple sources

In GlinkWeb advanced facelifting is done by development in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The GlinkWeb Forms Assistant produces either Java Server Pages or ASP.NET pages. GlinkWeb is closely integrated with Eclipse in a Java environment, where you modify Java Server Pages, and with Visual Studio in the Windows environment, where you modify ASP.NET pages.

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