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GlinkWeb is an exten­sion to the Glink pro­duct fam­ily that gives web users access to main­frame ap­pli­cations from their browsers, with­out the need for addi­tio­nal soft­ware on the client workstation.

Two versions are available, one for Java Servlet enabled Web servers such as Tomcat and one for ASP.NET enabled Web servers that use the Microsoft .NET Framework. The Java version is demonstrated here.

When logging on to GlinkWeb you will by default be prompted for a user name and password. For the demonstration, use demo with password demo. A list of preconfigured applications is then presented.

  • GlinkWeb logon - log in as user demo with password demo and select a host application from a list.
  • G&R's test application - connect directly to G&R's test application using Glink's DKU7105 emulation; user name, password and application are preconfigured.
  • Facelifted G&R's distributors lookup - connect to the same G&R test application using a session that has been automated to show the facelifting features of GlinkWeb. Java Server Pages are used to skip a couple of the original application screens, and others are combined to tailor our distributor-lookup application.
  • Facelifted G&R's distributors lookup - semi face-lifting the application above using parts of the original screens.

Users can be configured to have access to different application lists, or a default user can be configured. Then only the session name need be supplied as a parameter to connect to an application.

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