Gmail is a user-friendly electronic mail system for exchanging messages, text, binary files and programs between users of workstations on multiple platforms.

It is a single e-mail application that can tie together your Windows, UNIX and Linux users.

Gmail is implemented on all the platforms supported by G&R. The Windows, UNIX and Linux versions of Gmail are 100% compatible. This frees you from being bound to a single platform, or alternatively having to support several e-mail systems to tie the different platforms together. Users on any mix of the platforms in a single community can share the same e-mail database on a file server, and exchange e-mail within the community with no other form of communication needed. The community is as secure as the shared file server itself. Of course a community can consist of a single user with a private e-mail database on his own workstation.

Gmail includes a full set of mail servers for communication between Gmail communities over various network links, including TCP/IP. Using the Gmail servers means there is no loss of Gmail functionality between communities connected across a network. Gmail has seamless interfaces to standard Internet e-mail (SMTP) and to X.400.

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