GlAPI is a set of Application Programmatic Interfaces to the Host Links emulation engines and communications line handlers. 

The APIs provide standard interfaces that are independent of the characteristics of the underlying terminal emulation engine or network. This greatly simplifies development of Windows, UNIX or Linux applications that need to communicate with legacy applications.

Note that although the emulations themselves are only available on UNIX or Linux servers to users of commodity terminals, the emulation engines and APIs are also available on Windows servers. All of the platforms can be used for development of applications that need to access legacy systems, using either an emulation API or one of the communications APIs directly.

The APIs that are available are:


interface to the Qsim emulation engine, 
DKU7107, DKU7211

CPI-C 7800

interface to the V78sim emulation engine, 
VIP7801, VIP7804

CPI-C 3270

interface to the G3270 emulation engine, 
IBM LU type 2


generic interface to line services, 
connect, send, receive, disconnect


native interface to all G&R line services, 
as used by all Host Links products

The APIs connect using the Gline communications line handlers included in the Software Development Kit:


native or PAD


Telnet, TN3270, TNVIP


DSA and DSA/ISO Work Station (DIWS) over OSI



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