Gproxy is a product that provides you with a wide range of services.

Load balancing

Gproxy performs load balancing for Ggate, Gweb and the GlinkJ server. Load balancing ensures that each user connecting to a server through Gproxy is always directed to an operational system and that the chosen server is on the lightest loaded system in the network.

Backup and recovery

Gproxy operates as a license server for other Host Links products. In the event that one or more of the systems should fail, the remaining Gproxy license servers take over the licenses belonging to the failing systems. When the inactive system comes back on line, normal operation is resumed automatically.

Report generation

The statistical information broadcast from the various Host Links components is optionally used by Gproxy to generate and continuously maintain a set of HTML reports.

SNMP proxy agent

Gproxy can be configured to act as an SNMP ‘proxy agent’ and report to one or more SNMP management systems.

Alarm logging

Gproxy optionally generates a log of ‘Alarms’. This log, which is in HTML format, contains error messages that are generated by Host Links applications whenever an event has taken place that might need some sort of manual intervention.

Secure logon

Gproxy can be configured to use Secure Link Layer (SLL) between itself and the clients that connect through Gproxy for load balancing purposes. This means that the highly sensitive dialog between your user workstations and Gproxy can be encrypted, and that you can, if necessary, authenticate all your users.

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