Gproxy provides redirection, monitoring, reporting, encryption and authentication, and it runs on any platform supported by Host Links.


When your users connect to Ggate, Gweb or the Glink for Java server through Gproxy, they are transparently redirected to a fully operative system, and the chosen system is the one with the lightest workload. If one of your Host Links systems becomes unavailable because of maintenance or a fault, Gproxy distributes the licenses from the missing system among the remaining systems, recovering your licensed session limit.

Monitoring and reporting

Gproxy continuously maintains a configurable set of status reports, including a fully configurable ‘Alarm log’, as web pages. Your system administrators can use a browser to monitor Host Links activity as closely as you require.


Gproxy supports data encryption and authentication in the initial dialog before redirecting to the Host Links products configured to use it, thus keeping the entire dialog, including sensitive logon information, totally secure.

Open Systems platforms

Like all the other Host Links servers, Gproxy runs on standard Open Systems hardware, under standard Open Systems operating systems using standard Open Systems network access and protocols.

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