Gspool is a network printer simulation that accepts print from Bull and IBM legacy applications. It runs on all of the UNIX, Linux or Windows servers supported by Host Links, and delivers print to the local spooling system.

  • Flexibility; can be configured to run continually, or start on demand when print arrives
  • Unattended operation; runs in the background
  • Configurability; can deliver print direct to the local spooler, or to an application
  • Transparent; can receive proprietary print formats, and deliver them 'transparently' to proprietary printers
  • Formatting; on a Windows platform you can configure all the features offered by the print GUI
  • Logging; writes an event log recording activity
  • History; can write a report for each print job, or only failing jobs
  • Management; reports changes in state to Gmanager, and accepts commands from Gmanager
  • Monitor; A separate Gspool monitor can be used to monitor activity in detail, restart failed print jobs etc.

Bull GCOS print

Gspool can connect, or wait for the connect. It accepts print intended for ROP (receive only) printers from TP8 or TDS. It accepts print from DPF8-SF (store and forward), and also from DPF8-DS (distributed Sysout). It accepts print from GCOS7 Twriter.

IBM print

Gspool accepts TN3270 print directed to a specific print LU, or a pool of print LUs as specified in RFC1646. It also accepts TN3270E print directed to a generic printer LU, or accepts the print directed to the printer associated with the screen LU as specified in RFC1647.

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