GUFT provides you with reliable, flexible and high-speed file transfer between your Bull mainframe and your Windows, Linux, AIX, UNIX systems.


Bull UFT (Unified File Transfer) is a file transfer protocol that defines how to transfer files between Bull systems. GUFT is our implementation of UFT; which allows you to transfer files efficiently and reliably between your Bull mainframe and your Open Systems. GUFT is available on all UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms supported by the G&R Host Links product line. This includes all major flavors of UNIX, Linux and Windows servers running on 32-bit or 64-bit platforms.

File transfer sessions can be established between your mainframe and your Host Links system, from your mainframe via Host Links to your workstation, or directly between your mainframe and your workstation.

GUFT supports all the most common Bull mainframe file types and formats. You can distribute sequential files from your mainframe and store them as text files on your Open System for further processing, or you can transfer your database files without any logical record processing (in ‘binary mode’) between your systems for backup purposes.

File transfers can be initiated by either side. Bull mainframes have both UFT client and server implementations.

The GUFT client is available as a Windows GUI application and on all Host Links systems, either run as a command line application, or as a screen mode application from terminals.

The GUFT server is used to accept file transfer requests initiated by the Bull GCOS mainframe UFT clients.

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