GUFT client

The GUFT client is available as a Windows GUI application and on all Host Links systems, either run as a command line application, or as a screen mode application from terminals.

Several versions of GUFT client applications are available:

  • A command line version, suitable for unattended file transfers from .bat or script files.
  • An easy to use interactive UNIX/Linux version that includes a file management interface. It allows you to navigate in the local file system, create and delete local and remote files, and issue file transfer requests interactively.
  • A Windows GUI version offers an interface with buttons, menus and dialog boxes for easy access to all functions. All communication parameters as well as file history information are saved for future use.

Additionally, it offers an interface for navigating through the local file system and selecting files.

Online help is available, and within the configuration dialog boxes the help is context sensitive to the parameter you are entering.

While a file transfer is in progress, the GUFT for Windows GUI interface updates the screen with status information (number of bytes transferred, bytes per second and elapsed time) and, when information on file sizes is available, a progress bar.

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